1966:Spanish Former Professional Footballer Nayim Is Born

The start, middle and end of the zone in which the relay baton must be handed over are marked, with some relays there is also a line 10 meters before the start of the transition zone. Interestingly, no two courses are exactly alike, although some are very similar. It can also be nice for training purposes to be able to train for the same part in different places at the same time. Cage regulations have become increasingly strict over the years, but a bullet can still land slightly outside the sector. For the women it stands at 82.98 m, while in the discus throw the records are at 74.08 and 76.80 m. comes whizzing at a speed of 30 meters per second is a deadly projectile. Usually the bullet lands in a sector of cinders, but landing in grass is also possible.

With dark blue, three possible positions of the shot put sector are given on the right, with the left one landing in grass. The discus is less heavy, travels less far and is therefore less dangerous in itself, but on wet grass a discus can slide very far. The numbers 3 to 12 qualify for the round of 16 of the play-off where number 3 plays at home against number 12, number 4 at home against number 11, and so on. Papua New Guinea had applied, but ultimately did not participate. The Scots did not give up, scored through Graeme Souness, but goalkeeper Rinat Dasayev could not be passed. In the final phase, Ariel Ortega missed a penalty kick after a self-decorated action, Hernán Crespo hit the rebound, but time was too short for Argentina to score the winning goal. He helped Columbus Crew win the MLS Cup by appearing in all four playoff games and scoring an important goal in a 2-0 win over Sporting Kansas City in one of the playoff games. 31 – The Zambian national football team wins the first edition of the COSAFA Cup. Dolberg made his debut in 2016 in the Danish national football team. There is therefore a separate start line for the steeple on the track because it is not possible to start from the normal start line for 3000 m. If the box is on the inside, this limits the possibilities to process technical components there.

There are starting lines for the 100 m, the 110 m hurdles and usually also for youth distances: 40 m, 60 m and 80 m. meters long and that there is a run-out of at least 17 meters beyond the finish (which, however, is missing in 1 in 10 lanes in the Netherlands). Sometimes there is also a starting line for the mile. With the new javelin, the world record for men stands at 98.48 m, with the old javelin even 104.80 m was thrown. On the track it is only about the 400 m hurdles because the 200 m hurdles is no longer an official part – there were different markings for men and women. There is not always a choice for one or the other wind direction for the high jumpers, after all, wind does not promote performance, but it can be a nuisance. This line has been drawn in such a way that no one can benefit: whoever walks straight from that line to the next bend walks exactly 800 m. You often see athletes go straight to the inner lane after the bend, which can result in a loss of up to one and a half meters.

Usually it is possible to throw from two sides and usually the longitudinal axis of the track is used for the javelin throw (dark green on the drawing). There are starting lines about halfway between the finish line and the starting line of the 400 m (not on the drawing). The 4 x 400 requires special treatment as it is the only running event where 500 meters are run in lanes, which leads to an extra starting line and an extra transition area. ↑ The match was abandoned after Brazilian health officials took the field after 5 minutes with the score 0-0, accusing four Argentina players of violating COVID-19 quarantine rules. The greatest distances are thrown in the javelin throw and making an athletics track suitable for these distances immediately determines a lot. There are starting lines for the 200 m and 400 m (both on the drawing) and usually also for the (youth) distances 150 m and 300 m (not on the drawing).

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